Australian Lifestyle Furniture is the result of the synergy of design, quality, market & pricing elegance and business experience spanning retail, logistics and customer purchasing patterns.  We have the ideal business model to help national retailers shape the future their company with ours. And it doesn’t get better than us all focusing on Australian designed products protected by partnerships with recognised icons.

The foundation of our business model is the success of our business partners.  We have committed to understanding the challenges of successful national retailers.  We know you need short lead times for delivery, that’s why we guarantee 48 hour dispatch for national metro regions and why we have established dispatch centers in Australian capital centers.

Our History

Our history of success in the furniture and bedding industry began when we started manufacturing in Western Australia in 1972. This was then developed into Rose Hannah Furniture in the early 1990’s which specialised in quality recycled hardwood furniture with designer branding. Rose Hannah Furniture marketed nationally to Snooze and Harvey Norman through various agents and distributors.

In 1999 our company began importing from China from selected factories and with his manufacturing, experience was able to coach and support the manufacturers in the use of his proven methods of construction, quality and finishes.  The result was products designed for, and demanded by the Australian market.

Over the last ten years, our portfolio of products have been extremely successful however, the business was constrained by its Western Australian location and was not servicing the national market as efficiently as it could.

Early last year we moved our business to Sydney and formed Australian Lifestyle Furniture with Leeora Macpherson (formerly a senior Management Consultant with the international Accounting and Consulting firm, Deloitte) and Mathew Denton (former General Manager of Elders managing 285 stores across Australia and director of a number of corporate boards including ASX listed companies).

Our Mission

Our business model and objective is to develop new designs exclusively for national, reputable businesses we partner with. It is our commitment to achieve a 48-hour dispatch service to all stores. We have logistic facilities in place in all major national cities to service your stores nationally in line with this objective.

The key areas that we have focussed on that set us apart from mainstream furniture suppliers are: –

  1. Warehouse inventory levels designed to deliver our objective of 48 hour delivery
  2. Quality products built to our high standards and quality process in place with our manufacturers
  3. Complying with the new consumer law regulations
  4. In-store point of sale material focusing on environmental issues including timber sustainability and certification
  5. Redesigned packaging reflecting our emphasis on quality
  6. Focus on increasing our parnters stock turns and therefore ROI
  7. Delivering furniture straight from the design desk exclusively to our retail business partners.

All of these areas are designed to deliver our vision of being the key supplier of choice.