We have great pride in the quality of our materials and the manufacturing process standards we adhere to.  With this in mind, Australian Lifestyle Furniture offers a structural warranty against any defect in manufacturing and against any defect in material.

Our warranty is subject to following limitations:-

  1. for our indoor furniture the warranty shall be for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture of items used solely for domestic purposes
  2. for our indoor furniture the warranty shall be for a period of 2 years from the date of manufacture of items used for non-domestic purposes.
  3. Naturally our warranty will not cover:
    1. reasonable wear and tear
    2. abusive, negligent or inappropriate use
    3. inadequate or improper care
    4. chairs being rocked while sat upon
    5. alteration which has not been authorised by Australian Lifestyle Furniture
    6. defects resulting from the use of inappropriate polishes
    7. natural marks, blemishes and characteristics of the timber including, but not limited to:

                                         i.     gum vein

                                         ii.     saw marks

                                         iii.     claw marks

                                         iv.     nail holes

                                          v.     dark rust marks around nail holes

                                          vi.     dents, marks, scratches from the recycled timber’s previous use

                                          vii.     movement in timber as a result of climatic or room conditions

  1. natural characteristics of fabric including, but not limited to:

                                            i.     slubs

                                            ii.     dyelot variation

                                            iii.     nap flattening

  1. defects resulting from the item being subjected to excessive changes of temperature or being exposed to direct sunlight
  2. defects resulting from heated cooking utensils and containers
  3. defects resulting from excessive weight being placed upon drawer runners (over 35 kgs) and/or on top of the item
  4. defects or damage caused through the failure to reasonably clean, maintain and care for the item in accordance with the defects resulting from the use of any other product or device used to clean, maintain or care for the item, including but not limited to a de-pilling device, leather or fabric cleaner or conditioner.
  5. We provide no warranty in relation to the fabric or leather unless the fabric or leather has been damaged in the manufacturing process, during storage or through delivery.
  6. The warranty contained in this clause shall only apply if we are advised of any defect immediately after it becomes apparent or should reasonably have become apparent.
  7. The warranty shall only apply if the original purchase receipt is provided by the customer.
  8. The maximum liability of Australian Lifestyle Furniture pursuant to any warranty shall be limited only to the repair or replacement (at the option of Australian Lifestyle Furniture) of the item together with the reasonable cost of collection and return
  9. In the event that Australian Lifestyle Furniture is required to attend to inspect a product in respect of any alleged defect in workmanship or any defect in relation to materials supplied by Australian Lifestyle Furniture and these are not substantiated or established to be the responsibility of Australian Lifestyle Furniture as applicable under this Warranty or the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth), Australian Lifestyle Furniture will be entitled to levy a charge to the customer for any costs borne as a result of the inspection.

If a problem occurs outside the warranty conditions Australian Lifestyle Furniture will still make every effort to assist our customers